Born in 1971 Pritesh Jhaveri established the first ever diamond grading laboratory in India under the name of International Gemological Laboratories (IGL). In 1990 he graduated from GIA and was further trained under the watchful eyes of Mr. Thomas Tashey (ex EGL Los Angeles) and Mr. Gary Roskin (ex GIA) the gurus of diamond grading.

Pritesh was very clear in his mind that what India needed was a diamond grading laboratory and hence in 1998 he established and successfully ran IGL till its merger with the largest network of independent laboratories worldwide E.G.L. Pritesh was also hand picked by De Beers to conduct 3 DTC Sight holders seminars in India in the year 2000.

Pritesh Jhaveri is proud and pleased to offer you the very best in Diamond and Jewellery certification and educational programs.Welcome to the world of European Gemological Laboratory (E.G.L.)