Diamond Grading is not just a subject, but an art. Analyzing the quality of a diamond involves great skill. As we are dealing with very expensive merchandise, great amount of technical knowledge and an eye for minute details is required, in order to achieve flawless results.

Use of sophisticated equipment like the microscope helps students get familiar with the instruments used and therefore they have a better understanding of the real environment in which they will be working later.

A “Learning Kit” is provided to every student at the beginning of the course, which includes all the required instruments for Diamond Grading. This course has been designed to give complete knowledge of polished diamonds and their distinguishing properties.

Students are not only taught grading on Rounds but also fancy shaped diamonds. They are taught how to use scientific equipments such as microscope, UV lamp etc. during the course. Diamond Grading for the Trade is especially for people who are already in the trade and are familiar with diamonds.

The course concentrates on strengthening the students grading ability and also helping them in keeping abreast with the world grading standards.

Diamond Grading