E.G.L. COLLEGE OF GEMMOLOGY was set up in 1982 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ever since then, E.G.L. has spread its network of colleges to different parts of the world. The diamond industry worldwide has become one of the leading industries attracting people for its monetary success and vast job opportunities.

There was a time when the Gems and Jewellery trade circumvented only within family boundaries; entry for outsiders seemed only to be a far fetched dream. Today however, E.G.L. has actually converted this dream of thousands of aspiring individuals into a reality.

An International Diploma from the lineage of E.G.L. empowers each of its students with the knowledge, clarity and conviction to do justice to every element of every piece of gem and jewellery he touches. The E.G.L. College of Gemology has opened its doors in India. Having centers in Mumbai and Delhi, the E.G.L. experience is now accessible to anyone who is interested in commencing a career in the exciting world of Gems, Diamonds and Jewellery. They are thought to identify treated / man made diamonds form natural diamonds.

The E.G.L. College of Gemology offers internationally recognized diploma courses in Jewellery Design and Diamond Grading.